Every time he calls me ‘daddy’ it gives me a sense of responsibility and happiness: Vishagan!

They share a beautiful relationship!

Soundarya and Vishagan’s marriage was the most discussed. They spread across a lot of positive vibes with their beautiful pictures and also, made people believe that life always moves on and good is bound to happen. In a recent interview with an online entertainment portal Cinema Vikatan, Soundarya and Vishagan gave an interview together as husband and wife for the first time and honestly, it was very beautiful:

About the kids in the house:


“We (my sister and I) are truly blessed to have a father like him and are proud to have his tag behind our names. My father is very close to his three grandsons Yathra, Linga and Ved. So my dad, my father-in-law and the grandsons danced on my father’s songs and it was just super adorable to watch all the bonding happening during our Sangeet – it was surreal. My mom is a wonderful grandmother too, in fact, she is obsessed and super possessive about her grandsons.”

Talking about the wedding ceremony and Ved, Soundarya had earlier mentined how important it was for Ved to be every single part of the function.

“We had an Oonjal ceremony after the wedding ended and all the three of us were sitting together on that Oonjal. It felt complete.”


“Ved is such a lovely child and I am so happy that I am in his life right now. I have always been strong and confident with him but the only person I have been vulnerable with is with Ved. I only wished and hoped that he loved me and he does love me a lot. Every time he calls me ‘daddy’ it gives me a sense of responsibility and happiness. I’ll make sure he has a great life.”

On Rajinikanth entering politics:

“My father’s health and peace of mind is imperative to me as a daughter, but if you try figuring out the meaning of truth integrity and everything righteous, it is definitely in the name Rajinikanth. As a fan, I cannot get enough of him and I want him to go on acting. My father is someone who does good and that’s what he wants to do. He loves his people, the people who brought him up so far but I cannot particularly confirm how and when but whenever he does something, it would only be for the people’s good.


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