Echoes of Love: Celebrating 17 years of Mozhi!

Five iconic characters of Mozhi!

Mozhi, written and directed by Radha Mohan, is one of Jyothika’s exceptional films. The movie featuring Prithvi Raj, Prakash Raj, and Swarnamalya is the story of a musician who falls for a woman with hearing and speech impairment. While Prakash Raj and Swarnamalya did the supporting roles, they were given equal importance and storyline as the main characters. The film was released on February 23, 2007, marking 17 years of the film this year. Here are a few iconic characters in the film.

Archana – Breaking the Silence Within

The film revolves around Archana’s character development, where she goes from being an introverted and closed-off person to someone who finally steps out of her shell and stops questioning every good thing happening in her life. At the beginning of the film, Archana is depicted as being introverted yet self-assured. Archana is not one to rely on men for protection – she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself despite her having hearing and speech impairment. However, her past experiences have left her with deep-rooted trauma and a fear of being hurt again.

Throughout the film, a push-and-pull relationship is what Karthik and Archana go through for a while where, Karthik lives in the moment, trying to reassure Archana that he’s here to stay and Archana can’t find it in her to accept things the way they’re without questioning its validity. Archana’s character depicts how one’s childhood trauma can affect their life growing up. Despite her interest in Karthik, her insecurities overtook her interest and made her shut him down and push him away.

Towards the end of the film, Archana avoids attending Sheela’s wedding to avoid Karthik who has been keeping his distance to respect Archana’s rejection. However, when Karthik hears about Archana’s decision, he gets angry and confronts her. He tells her that she needs to stop pushing people away when they try to be there for her and accept life the way it is. He assures her that he won’t leave her like her father did, even if their future child is born with hearing and speech impairment. Archana finally breaks down and cries, which marks a turning point in her life. She realizes that the shell she had built to protect herself from getting hurt was actually hurting her and stopping her from living the life she wanted to live. The movie ends with Archana confessing her feelings to Karthik and them finally uniting at their friends’ wedding.


Karthik – Love Needs No Language!

Karthik is a thriving musician who sees Archana helping a woman by fighting with her husband who was abusing his wife. Upon seeing this, Karthik falls for Archana. To his surprise, he finds out that she lives in the same apartment as his’ as tries to develop a conversation with her but, she remains silent throughout. He then finds out that she has speech and hearing impairment. Karthik, a musician, whose talent can only be heard is in love with a woman who can hear anything. After discovering her speech and hearing impairment, he only loves her more than before and constantly reassures her even though she keeps pushing him away throughout the film. Karthik understood her in a way no one else tried to and stayed despite her constant push. He knew she needed that reassurance, she needed to hear him say that he’ll stay and that he’ll not leave her like her father did and he kept his word.


Professor Gnanaprakasam – Bottling Up Is Never A Solution!

Another character who finally finds their way back makes it feel like our personal victory would be Professor Gnanaprakasam who lost his son in an accident in 1984 and is stuck in 1984. Throughout the film, Professor Gnanaprakasam builds conversation with his neighbors as if it is 1984, informing them about the current affairs of 1984. When Karthik asks about it the professor’s wife informs Karthik that he hasn’t cried ever since he heard the news of his son’s death and that he is stuck in 1984 ever since then. Professor Gnanaprakasam bottling up his emotions mentally affected him. Towards the end of the film, When the professor asks Karthik to drive him to the hospital to go see his son, Karthik shakes some sense into Professor Gnanaprakasam reminding him about his son’s demise and that he needs to cry and let it all out and find his way back to the current year. That is when Professor Gnanaprakasam finally breaks down in Karthik’s arms and mourns his son’s death. Years of bottled-up emotions are finally out and Professor Gnanaprakasam accepts his son’s death and becomes normal.


Sheela – Love Can Happen Twice!

Sheela is a ray of sunshine who can lighten up the people around her with just her presence but, behind those sunshine vibes hides a woman who lost her husband in an accident. Sheela is a widow who has accepted her fate and doesn’t plan on falling in love again after her husband’s death but, her fate had other ideas. While throughout the film Vijaykumar is portrayed as a free-spirited, easy-going man who hasn’t found his one true love, towards the end of the film, something sparks inside him when he looks at Sheela and falls for her. While Sheela had just been a friend to him all along, he suddenly sees her from a different perspective and realizes that she might be the one and immediately confesses his love for her. Sheela, who had lost her husband at a young age finds love again in Vijaykumar.


Vijaykumar – Love happens when you least expect it!

Vijaykumar aka Viji is a free-spirited easy-going man who is also a thriving musician and a best friend of Karthik. At the beginning of the film, Viji’s goal is to find someone for Karthik since bachelors aren’t allowed at their apartment. That’s when he meets Sheela, Archana’s friend. At first, they are shown as just friends who are rooting for their friends’ relationship but during the later part of the film, something inside him sparks and he falls for Sheela despite her being a widow. He also clarifies that he’s not marrying her to give her a life since she was widowed at a young age and that he’s marrying her because he likes her for who she is. On his quest to find someone for his friend, Vijaykumar finds his one true love.

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