Director Sruti on A.R. Rahman’s ‘Harmony’ docu-series!

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What are the challenges of documentary filmmaking?

“I have to mention that the myth of documentary films being boring is not true. Entertainment need not be defined as commercial or documentary; time-bound or visually bound. Documentaries can connect to an audience in a very humane way and still leave one entertained and emotional. There are a lot of emotions that go into these films so it can still touch you.”

What exactly is the technical process you follow for documentary filmmaking? Does it heavily rely on improvisation?

“It is a very organic process. A lot of time goes only into the research. We create a questionnaire and try to thoroughly understand the person we are going to be featuring. We let the whole film unfold itself. We make it as natural as possible. Even with a script in hand, we let it flow the way it normally would so the importance here is the story, not strictly the one that I come up with initially.”

What is Harmony about?

“I would call it a labour of love! I am so elated an opportunity like this came to me and it is pure serendipity for me. Harmony is a documentary film on A.R.Rahman. A lot of hard work and time has gone into it – in fact, 8 months of detailed research has gone into it. Even Rahman sir appreciated the intense research we had done. It is definitely going to be huge in terms of reach. One can definitely see a new side of Rahman in this film; a personal side wherein he is jamming with his musicians, him interacting with people, playing around, eating, just being normal. You’re going to love it.”

Can you give us some insight about the film?

“This is literally a dream project come true. We followed him intensely and collaborated with him so anyone who is a fan of Rahman is going to love this film. Since this is a documentary on one of the legendary musicians of our time you can rest assured the music is amazing in the film. In fact, we have a closing act in the film which is tear-jerky in itself. It is going to be a treat for all 5 senses – ARR style!” With that, she signs off.

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