DHRISHYAM 2 Review: A Sequel As Impeccable As This Is A Treat To Every Movie Fan!

How impressive!

Usually with a commercial film, when it succeeds directors are keen on making a sequel out of it. Most sequels are disappointing, deviating from the concept and most importantly bringing forth a lackluster narrative. But with Malayalam cinema, it’s different. Conceptual stories have become the flesh and bone of any Malayalam film. One such film was director Jeethu Joseph’s Dhrishyam starring Mohanlal, Meena among others. The film simply blew minds away and just when we thought there couldn’t be a better film, comes the sequel.

A sequel usually overshadows the beautiful original story but that is not the case with a director as brilliant as Mr. Joseph. Dhrishyam released on OTT platform today to only make the space of cinema even better. If you thought the first part was thrilling, you would probably be living at the gripping end of your couch while you watch this. The storyline revolves around Georgekutty and his family living a happy life on the outside but a fearful life from the Judiciary.

With the eldest Anju affected by trauma and epilepsy and the youngest Anu living far away, George and his wife Rani try to keep this family together no matter what their neighbours talk about them. Everyone around them is curious about where the body of Varun Prabhakar has been hidden including his own wife Rani. The Police receive some stronger clues about the body’s whereabouts and investigations begin yet again. The scenario that unfolds as a result is simply mindblowing to even think how the writer even came up with such a nail-biting concept.

Mohanlal and Meena have not just nailed their roles but have made their audience relive this role along with them. All the characters from the prequel acted like no time had gone by and with the addition of few more characters, the narrative became exemplary. The character of Georgekutty will remain the masterpiece no one would have thought of creating.

The first half of the film is quite slow-paced but that pace is necessary to portray the after-effects the family has been going through. This cannot be considered a flaw in anyway. The second half continues to be nail-biting and infact, one of the best climax scenes in the history of cinema. The loopholes in Judiciary and in life are beautifully portrayed in this film.

The cinematography, screenplay and the background score go hand-in-hand elevating the film. Overall, Dhrishyam 2 is one of the most successful sequals in cinema leaving one in awe and wonder!

Verdict: A sequel that does justice to its prequel!

Rating: 4.5/5


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