Dear Tharshan, Your Biggest Title Is The Love Of Your Fans!

Your fans love you!

Dear Tharshan,

We do not know who you really are as a personality. We don’t know if you’re kind, if you’re the creepy guy next door, we are not sure but from what we’ve seen of you in Bigg Boss, you are a true champion. You put in your 100% during all the tasks, you do not get yourself into any unnecessary trouble but at the same time you do not fear from talking the truth no matter how hard they come at you.

People have been saving you till now because you were genuine. You made your own set of friends and you never diverted from them EVER! You were loyal and admirable. Your chemistry and your love for Sherin, the amount of respect you had for her made us realise how you respect women no matter what.



Even when your fellow contestant Meera had a lot to complain about you, you held your ground and stood firm on what you believed in. The way you treated the women only goes to show that you’ve got some strong women forces in your life who have taught you well.

Now, who cares that you didn’t win the title? I mean obviously it would have been fantastic since you completely deserve it. But, when your name was announced, the audience wept, there were no claps until when you walked the ramp while leaving the stage. They swarmed around you, wanting to shake hands with you, talk to you and just show any gesture that read “I Love You”.

So, who cares if you didn’t win the title? You won the hearts of all the audience, you’ve gained a huge fanbase and you are truly and genuinely loved. Stay strong and I sincerely hope you get only the best.

Yours lovingly,

Every fan of yours!

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