Dear Madhumitha: Shaming A Woman Is Not The “Tamil Ponnu” Culture!

Please, rethink twice before you talk!

I am born, raised and very much a part of Tamil Nadu. I am a Ponnu who speaks Tamil, love the life, my state and my city induces in me and will forever be grateful for that. But, I am shocked! I am taken aback seeing the number of women who demean, degrade and deteriorate characters of other fellow women in the name of “Tamil Ponnu”. What! Is it some cult that makes sure women are shamed? Is it a tag line that provides women with an extremely low self-esteem boost themselves in all the wrong ways?

I do not watch much of Bigg Boss, but I did when someone told me Jaangri Madhumitha, a woman comedian I enjoyed watching onscreen shamed her fellow contestant for dressing up a bottle, for wearing clothes she likes and then say “all this is not a part of Tamil culture” and “wearing clothes like these leads to rape”. Madhumitha, do you realise the vile statements you have irresponsibly blurted out on a public platform? Do you realise that your opinion has been taken seriously and how toxic this is to the society? Why do you care what Abhirami and Sakshi wear onscreen?

You are a woman and you are supposed to stand up for your breed against the society who is still suppressing women in the name of mere clothes. It’s shocking and appalling to see you be as irresponsible as the society and on top of that, you’re using the phrase “Tamil Ponnu” yet again to defend your ill-mannered statement. Your recent interview was so disappointing. Of course, we know men who would judge a woman’s character by their clothes. But, you, you’re a woman. Somewhere I truly believed that you would realise the callous comments you’re passing, but, alas, you didn’t. You in fact said “these women would roam around the Bigg Boss House with their underwear on”. Oh, come on, really? Oh, by the way, those are their night clothes, just for your very kind information.

There are women fighting for basic Rights, freedom to be and do what they want and just be HUMAN. On the other hand, here you are, judging a woman for wearing what she is comfortable in, saying all these nasty things in the name of culture, tradition and oh, “Tamil Ponnu”.

I am as much a Tamil ponnu as you are and let me brief you on what it actually means. Tamil Nadu is one of the very few states which welcomes every person from another region with warm, open hands. Tamil is the oldest language and Tamilians are one of the most open-minded people you could ever meet. They are warm, welcoming and they respect women from every region. We are united and we are one of the very few states that are fighting hard to eradicate gender discrimination.

So, dear Madhumitha if you could stop inducing your low, despicable and inappropriate phrases into the minds of the public it would be great, because we have more important issues to fight against – like gender equality, misogyny, equal pay at work, child marriage, rape and other crimes against women to name a few. Also, I would appreciate it if you could get some knowledge about the importance of the above issues before you come up with such ruthless statements.

P.S. the reason for which you walked out of the House was not healthy at all. It passes on a very irrational message to the society. This is also for your very kind information and in fact a more dangerous message than the one you talked about.

Yours sincerely,

The original TAMIL PONNU

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