Dear Comrade: Rashmika Mandana Clarifies On The Controversial Lip Lock Scene With Vijay Devarakonda!

Rashmika clarifies!

Vijay Devarakonda is officially the heartthrob of this country considering the fact that Janhvi Kapoor personally called him her favourite hottie. (I MEAN, LOOK AT HIM!) Be it ‘Arjun Reddy’ or ‘Geetha Govindham’, his chemistry with his leading ladies are so loved that it’s always cooking up some link-up rumours between them. The latest is Vijay with his co-star Rashmika Mandana. The duo made for an enthralling couple in ‘Geetha Govindham’ and are acting together yet again in ‘Dear Comrade’.

The first teaser of ‘Dear Comrade’ released today and fans are going berserk over how sizzling and hot the onscreen couple look together. In fact, some fans went on to suspect that such chemistry is only possible when the duo are dating in real life. Their romance is sure to won yet another million hearts and find its way to success.

Indulging in some sizzling romance, Vijay and Rashmika share an extremely passionate kiss and we are only in awe!

The kiss however went on to become a huge controversy and the actress had to come up and clarify:

“The particular scene in the movie demanded it. That’s why I did it. No movie should be judged solely on the basis of a lip-lock scene. It should be seen in its entirety. People accepted Geetha Govindam and I am sure about this movie as well,” Indiaglitz quotes her as saying. Not only Rashmika, even Deverakonda was also criticised for having lip-lock scene and was compared with Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi.

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