Birthday Special: CoverShoot pics of Sania Mirza!

Plus Exclusive Interview!

“I am on a See-Food diet!”

Pregnancy is basically an all access to buffet pass; the one time women can eat whatever they want and not be judged for it. Sania explains, “I am not craving so much right now but I was craving all kinds of food initially. That joke about being on a ‘See-Food diet’, totally applied to me because I was seeing food everywhere and all I wanted to do was eat. The last couple of months have mellowed down on cravings and I have sort of gone back to my normal diet. I am still high and heavy on ‘Mirchi’, I mean I want everything spicy, everything fried. I think easily the best part about being pregnant is that I don’t have to watch my diet and I can eat anything I want with no restrictions. This feels really good when it comes to food!” If she is planning to get back on the field does she have to be careful with her diet now we ask? Sania says she is aware of her diet changes. “As a tennis player I do realize I have to come back to my usual diet somewhere down the lane after the delivery so I am not overtly careless about my diet. I still do a lot of walking; I walk about 45 minutes that is 4-5 kilometres every day. I go to the park which has been really nice and relaxing. I still go to the gym but I don’t lift weights as such. I do a lot of prenatal yoga which has been really invigorating.”

“I have got a whole new wardrobe!”

With pregnancy come the indulgence and the freedom to do so! Ask her what she is indulging in now and Sania replies, “What am I not indulging in should be the question? Lots of food is what I am indulging in but I have completely lost my sweet tooth which is quite disappointing because I don’t love eating sweets anymore. I suddenly developed a taste for pasta which I never used to like before so that was quite the turn of events. I have been indulging in a new wardrobe as well. Shopping has been quite fun because even though I had to get one size larger I don’t feel bad at all because I am doing a whole new wardrobe. I literally need all new clothes because I don’t fit into anything I used to fit into before and for the last one month I have been majorly shopping every other day.”

“2020, I will be back!”

For Sania it is not technically a comeback as her heart never actually left the court. “I have always been asked what keeps me motivated or inspired and I always say I don’t have that planned, I am just driven. I have the will of wanting to compete for myself, for my country and that is the only comeback motto that there is. There is no other explanation or inspiration I look for. I just want to and have the need to get back out there. I miss it right now, the feeling of victory, the feel of competition, and the emotions you leave out to give it all on the court, and I miss it all! 2020 is still way off and as a woman I feel that pregnancy should not be a deterrent in career, it should basically empower and inspire you.  In fact, it should make you want to achieve your goals in life even more. That is what pregnancy is to me so 2020 seems perfect for a comeback year.”

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