Cook With Comali Contestant Shakeela Talks About Her Love For Her Trans-woman Daughter And Making Her Life Better!

How beautiful is this person and her heart!

Shakeela is easily one of the favourite contestants in the popular television show Cook With Comali. She is dearly loved by all and has a charm and an infectious charisma thta attracts her fans towards her. Unlike her several audience, the show has given her a set of audience that simply adore her for her onscreen presence and conversations. Shakeela is not just a genuine person on-screen but off-screen as well.

Shakeela never decided to get married for several reasons unknown. However, that did not stop her from adopting a trans-woman daughter a few years ago. Naming her Milla, Shakeela grew very fond of her daughter and provided her with all the comfort required that the society has otherwise been restricting for transpersons.

Shakeela has finally brought her daughter to the limelight and has introduced her in the show Cook With Comali. 

Shakeela has now opened up that she adopted Milla a transgender when she was young and has since brought her up as her own daughter. The actress, in an emotional conversation, stated that Milla has been her strength in her toughest times and similarly she has and will always support her daughter. Milla is now a busy costume designer and loves her mother very much for opening up a wide opportunity for her.

Shakeela, in the 90s was famous for her soft porn films in Malayalam, however, she called it quits in the year 2002 and did minute roles in films like Boss Engira Baskaran among several others. Shakeela received a warm welcome when she was first seen as a contestant in the show Cook with Comali that airs in Vijay Television.

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