Choice of dress is my freedom,not obscenity: Oviya About 90ML!

Well, that’s true for sure!

Oviya has been receiving a lot of offers with good scripts and great roles. She also has her personal life on top of her game with family, great friends and a rumoured boyfriend whom we wished once upon a time, get married. She is set to do ‘Kanchana 3′ alongside Raghava Lawrence and has woman-centric film ’90 ml’ which is touted to release on March 1st.

There was a lot of flack when the trailer of ’90ML’ released. She took it to Twitter to tell her fans that they shouldn’t be judgemental and watch the movie first. During a press conference when one of the reporters asked her uncomfortable question as to why she acted in sleazy double meaning scenes in 90 ML.

She had a great response to this:

“What kind of obscenity did you see in 90 ML? There is no rape, crude or nude scene in the film. Choice of costumes is my freedom and no one can interfere in that. 90 ML is against male chauvinism. I think there is nothing wrong in acting according to what the character demands. Yes, I will be seen glamorous in the film but you can’t call as obscenity. think you should find out the difference. Cinema is an entertainment medium so placing scenes which entertain audiences is not a crime. 90 ML is a jolly time pass film which also has an important message that women should not afraid about anyone.”

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