Chithha Movie Review: A Gut Wrenching Story About Abuse!

Not all men, but somehow every woman!

Director: S.U. Arun Kumar

Cast: Siddharth, Nimisha Sajayan, Anjali Nair, Sahasra Shree

Chithha highly reminds us of Gargi but takes a different approach when it comes to seeking justice. 

Movie is set in a small town near Palani. Chiththa ( Chiththappa – Father’s younger brother) is played by Siddharth as Easwaran aka Eesu, is someone who took over responsibility of taking care of his family consisting of his sister – in -law (Anjali Nair) and his niece Settai aka Sundari ( Sahasra Shree). Eesu is a government employee in the sanitation department, it is clearly shown that he adores his niece and she is his everything. Followingly, it is shown that he almost has a familial relationship with his friend Vadivelu, an undercover cop and his niece, Ponni. 


At the start the movie sets a nice feel good tone as we can see the antics of Eesu and Settai and it also clearly explains the relationship everyone has. At the same time it clearly explains everyone’s relationship and how the families work. Eesu also reconciles with his highschool sweetheart Sakthi (Nimisha Sajayan) who is also his co-worker. But it is constantly reminded that something bad is about to creep in very soon. During the beginning of the movie, it was discussed by Vadivelu and other cops that there is a serial rapist and murderer is on loose. 


Movie takes a sudden 180 degree turn where a feel good movie turns into a gut wrenching one. Before the character and the viewers could recover from one traumatic incident, another one strikes. Then it is a rat and mouse game between the Police and the accused  person in question.

Coming to the acting part, everyone played their parts to perfection, especially the little girls. The intensity and feeling of distraught father, Siddharth took his acting game to next level. We had no time to remember the good memories the family shared but the songs by Dhibu Ninan Thomas, Santhosh Narayanan made us remember those heartwarming moments. Background score by Vishal Chandrasekhar elevated the thrilling game of chase and catch. Cinematography by Balaji Subramanyam blends well with the story.

Director S.U.Arun Kumar is clear in what he wanted to say and took the screenplay and direction in the way he wanted it to be told. Where the movie differs is to seek justice, the hero chooses revenge rather than reassurance. He was wanted in the house as the major support system but he chose to not face them and be the masochist hero. 

Overall, the movie conveyed the meaning it was hoping to say and it is a hard hitting one.

Rating – 3/5


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