Chinmayi’s Take On Women Having Extra-Marital Affairs Onscreen Is What We Need To Read For The Day!

Makes so much sense!

How many times have we watched films where married men fall in love with another women for “various reasons” unknown and then expect the women to accept them back because they have realised their mistake and that ends with a happily ever after? Many times, right? When Leela from asks her husband “If I do the same would you accept?” And, boy oh boy, he was furious to that statement. No, we are not here to talk about infidelity, we are talking about the kind of roles actresses need to take up boldly without being judged personally while actors get the tag “playboy”.

Chinmayi Sripada said just what we wanted to say. The singer watched Super Deluxe and had the perfect review for Samantha’s and Vijay Sethupathi’s character and for all those trolling her for choosing to do this role post-wedding. Here’s what she had to say:

“Society weighs down so much on a female heroine just *acting* on screen having an extra marital affair. No one cares when a ‘hero’ character (married in real life or on screen/having a girlfriend/who preaches values) dances to drunk item numbers/has an affair/kisses on screen. A woman in India gets trolled to hell and back if she just is doing her job of acting. Which is why to me Samanthaprabhu2 is a rockstar for doing this film. Fahad Faasil’s ‘Mugil’ in all his hypocrisy; Vijay Sethupathi slowly draping a Sari, his hairstyle. Pppah Mindblown.”

She further added, “I haven’t been able to sleep since watching Super Deluxe. rahul is raving and raving. The one take away – the 3 honest people in the film suffer the most and then get redemption. The toxic masculinity in the film, the innocence of a child. That line he tells his father. behind closed doors; but Thiagarajan sets us up to believe something else. Vijay Sethupathi is hands down the actor of this time (IMHO.. dont fight with me). I want to be inculcated in the All India Raasukutti Sangam as a basic member. That kid’s smile, dialogue delivery, the characters in his home. Of God. Or not. Or maybe. You. Need. To. Watch. Super Deluxe. This is my favourite evvvah!”


We totally agree with you Chinmayi!

And Samantha was the first to appreciate her:


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