Chinmayi’s Nominations Rejected and Radha Ravi Wins The Dubbing Union Elections “Unopposed”; Chinmayi Expresses Her Disappointment!

Chinmayi loses while Radha Ravi wins unopposed!

In yet another chapter in the saga, Chinmayi Sripaadha’s nomination to run against Radha Ravi, the incumbent president, for the presidency of the Dubbing Union was declined in court. Consequentially, Radha Ravi was judged to have no opposition for the post and therefore has been re-elected to his role by default.

Retired Judge Ravi was put in charge of reviewing the union’s nominations, and passed his judgment that the nomination of Chinmayi and her faction named Ramarajyam was not legitimate under the laws and by-laws of the Union, and also ruled Radha Ravi the sole nomination provided for the election.

The point of debate became Chinmayi’s membership with the dubbing union, with an earlier court ruling recognizing the dubbing artist and singer as a member. However, the presiding judge now ruled differently, by ruling she was not an official member of the union following her dismissal by Radha Ravi earlier.

The reason for her dismissal was because she, being a person at the forefront of Kollywood’s Me Too movement, had brought to light allegations against Radha Ravi himself, when he was accused of making sexual advances at a woman who had visited him at his house for professional reasons.

Voicing her displeasure on twitter, Chinmayi said “Mr. Radha Ravi has won ‘Unopposed’ and they rejected my nomination it seems. Despite the fact that my interim order says I have all the rights to be a member. I don’t understand how the Honble Retired Justice Sri Ravi decided I am not a member when the Court says so. The point of having an election officer is to make sure that the elections were conducted in a fair manner. And then said election officers decide I am not a member of the Dubbing Union based on whose orders? Mr. Radha Ravi’s orders? Anyway, I’ll take this up legally. Mr. Radha Ravi will have to stand opposed. Whatever said and done. And the Ramarajyam team stands precisely for that reason. (sic)”

Chinmayi recently broke her enforced Kollywood dubbing dry spell with 2019’s Hero, but this doesn’t seem to be the start of more movies to come. As stated by her, she is looking to engage in this issue legally, in the hope her dubbing career in Kollywood restarts smoothly.

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