Chennai: How A 9-Year-Old Girl Gave Away Her Savings Of 1.5 Lakhs To The Police For Installing CCTV Cameras!

She is such a pride to this country!

Everyday is a woman’s day and everyday is happy when you come across inspiration young women from all around the globe. These ladies only prove prove that age is no bar to do a good deed. S. Srihitha decided to sit in a safety awareness drive organised by the Chennai Police near her father’s office.


That is when she learnt that a CCTV camera helps serve as a third eye to the police and aids them in resolving crimes. Srihitha’s father had saved up to 1.5 lakh worth money to give her a great birthday. However, Srihitha wanted to help the police in installing these cameras.

Hence, Srihitha, along with her father purchased 30 CCTV cameras from her birthday money and handed it over to the police. Krishnamoorthy, the assistant commissioner of Police said, “I was speaking to Sathyanarayana about CCTV cameras. He may have then spoken about it at home. Srihitha is a fan of former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, who is the Lt. Governor of Puducherry. She spoke to me over the phone and later told her dad that she wanted to donate her birthday savings to the police.”


The ‘Third Eye’ project was begun by the Chennai Police where CCTV cameras will be installed within every 50 metres.

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