BREAKING: Director Shankar And Producer Ravichandran Get Into War Of Words Over Anniyan’s Copyrights!

In a turn of shocking events, Aascar Production House’s V. Ravichandran and director Shankar have spiteful conversations with regards to the Copyrights of the film Anniyan’s storyline. Taking to Twitter, the producer of the 2005 film stated that he is the sole owner of all the rights to the film’s script and making it in Hindi without his knowledge is nothing but illegal and unprofessional.

In the letter, he wrote, “I am utterly shocked to know, that, you are likely to undertake the Direction of a Hindi film by adopting the story of the movie Anniyan. You are well aware that I am the Producer of the said movie Anniyan. The entire story rights was purchased by me from the writer Sujatha (alias late Rangarajan) for which the payments were done by me to him and necessary records are also available. I am the whole and sole owner of the rights of the storyline. As such, any such adoption or remaking or copying the main plot of the movie, without my permission, is totally illegal.”

Take a look at his entire letter:



An outraged director Shankar has now outrageously responded to the letter stating that no one but he owns the Copyright of the film. In his letter, Shankar stated, “You as a producer have gained substancially from the film Anniyan and are needlessly trying to unjustly enrich yourself even in my future endeavours which have no correlation to you. Needless to say, I can only hope good sense will prevail upon you after this clarification and you will stop agitating such baseless claims.”

Read the full letter below:



It was only yesterday when Shankar confirmed the news that he would be remaking Anniyan in Hindi with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh. The original film starred Chiyaan Vikram, Sadha, Prakash Raj and Vivek in lead roles and is till date touted to be one of the biggest hits in the industry.

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