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Bigg Boss Weekend: Let’s Not Do To Julie What Gayathri And Sakthi Did To Oviya!

I think its time!

The weekend got fun for me because it was Bigg Boss and I wanted to watch it for two reasons – Oviya and the eviction. Everyone was eager to know the fate of Bigg Boss’s strongest contestant Oviya and what had she decided to do. Finally, the moment of truth arrived and Oviya decided to leave the house for her own good. She left that place not bidding adieu to one single soul including Snehan and Aarav – the people she trusted the most. However, I could empathize with her. After all, they were also a part of her depression and anxiety.


What confused me was, why was everyone talking nice about her after she left? Well, they never treated her right while she stayed in the house. How has this “groupism” still not been realized by the ones inside the house yet? Gayathri and Sakthi initially made Bharani’s life miserable followed by Oviya’s and not one single contestant realized it yet?

We did, didn’t we? Hence, the worth of a person was felt only after she left and I’m sure if she left through eviction even this emotion wouldn’t have been visible. It’s because she was unwell, was there some sympathy and pity but not the love which was the only thing Oviya wanted as told by Snehan.┬áDo people realize the value of someone/repent for what they’ve done only once they’ve left? I’ve noticed this in many humans.

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