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Bigg Boss Taught Us That Bullying Is Serious, And Julie Taught Us How Not To Deal With It!

It exists, folks!

We were talking yesterday about the character traits of various Bigg Boss contestants and how it is directly related various individuals in the society. They seem to prove our understanding of them by the day. Have you ever been bullied when you were young or even anytime now? How would you tackle with bullies? A lot of questions are popping up in my mind now and the reason is Bigg Boss.

A mere entertainment reality show that challenges its contestants to live in a house for 100 days without any sort of communication with the outside world. Hence, there is no television, no mobile, no newspaper which makes you forcefully communicate with the others in the house. A contestant gets eliminated every week and things take shape accordingly sans that person.

The motive of the show was ideally to allow its contestants to socialize among each other and live in a society that was formed. However, whatever is happening within the House is something that is what this society outside is being exposed to. There are harassers – mostly the ones that disturb an individual’s mind and the double minded individuals that make it hard for everyone to live.


Gayathri, Namitha, Shakthi and Snehan are all a part of the bully group. As discussed in the previous article, the character trait of Gayathri and Namitha are dominating, bullying and this will go to any verbal extent to shape other contestants to their liking. They are these bullying senior kids at school who just exist to make their fellow classmates and their juniors’ life miserable.  While Raiza, Sakthi, and Snehan are these other kids that just stand behind them and laugh at whatever they do because they do not want to get into any trouble.

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