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Bigg Boss Taught Us That Bullying Is Serious, And Julie Taught Us How Not To Deal With It!

It exists, folks!


That’s the kind of way to deal with bullies. You confront them, you talk to the world about them, shame their ideologies (note: not them. Remember what Oviya told Gayathri? “I don’t want your reputation to die because of me).

Julie has now shaped her character to be worse than Gayathri, she is dishonest, bullies Oviya along with the others, lies about her to others in order to gain a good name. The last episode saw Oviya shun the disloyal Julie the right way!

Bullying is a serious mistake, folks. It deeply affects an individual who is already not confident about oneself. If you are being bullied, confront them, tell them they are wrong and tell them they are making the people and the surroundings around them miserable. Talking helps, confrontation helps.

If you are the one witnessing bullying like Ganesh and Aarav did, make sure you are Aarav to support the victim at least some way and not be Ganesh to just stay ignorant about the entire situation.

Bigg Boss is a mere entertainer, yes. However, this grouping against a person is wrong and especially bullying is worse and it just taught us through Julie how not to deal with bullying and through Oviya how to shut bullies down the right way!

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