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Bigg Boss Taught Us That Bullying Is Serious, And Julie Taught Us How Not To Deal With It!

It exists, folks!


Julie was initially the primary target of this bully gang where they brought to notice every thing she said and did. However, Julie is extremely weak and absolutely low on her self-esteem and decided to just abide by whatever they say and gave in to it. She decided to rather give in to it and let it suck her in. It completely changed her character after she decided to satisfy bully Gayathri and her gang. She failed to see the only person that decided to console her when everyone was against her.

She instead, to satisfy Gayathri, went against Bharani whom she called her “brother” once and Oviya who was by her side no matter what. That reflected as double standards to the audience. But have you wondered about something? When Julie gets out of this house, she will be perplexed trying to figure who she is and that will make her already low self-esteem lower.

The only way to deal with bullying should be learned from Oviya. The bully gang in yesterday’s episode made her sleepless and restless by singing songs directed towards her. She immediately got up and make a complaint to captain Sakthi. While the other mates advised her to sleep off here in an extra bed, she said, “Why should I? I prefer sleeping in my place and it’s them who have to shut up.”

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