Bigg Boss Tamil: Here’s Why People Love Losliya Just Like They Did Oviya!

Losliya for the win?

Oviya had established herself as one of the most popular contestants from the first season of the reality show. An actress from Kerala, Oviya has featured in Tamil and Malayalam films. Soon after her stint in Bigg Boss, Oviya emerged as a huge crowd favourite, with lakhs of fans in Tamil Nadu voting for her and calling themselves ‘Oviya Army’. Oviya quit the show a few weeks before the finals citing issues to do with her mental health.

There wasn’t anyone who could replace her care-free attitude and honesty until Losliya, a Sri Lankan news reporter walked in all charming but also someone who seems to be having a similar attitude. She seems to be someone who is clear with how she wishes to be portray herself. Losliya has been quite honest with her views too. She mingles well with everyone, she talks right to their face.



Losliya looks like someone who seems to never lie or deliberately speak ill of someone. If anything, she has been consistently honest and seems to always go out of her way to make people feel nice. Out of all the contestants, she seems to be genuinely someone whom we could relate to and she always stands her ground.

She told Abirami about how her attitude made her angry, she told Kavin that she is not into him and even when Vanitha talked about Losliya getting closer with Madhumitha, she did not let Vanitha dominate her and ruin her day. She felt that talking to Abirami made more sense than talking to Vanitha who never lets anyone else talk.

Although, this character development (scripted or not) seems to be leaning more towards Oviya from season one, looks like it that Losliya has already won hearts. Her dance moves, the way she talks in her adorable Sri Lankan Tamil accent and the the way she is objective about all the situations has just made her to the top of the list.

Losliya has almost reached the fanbase that Oviya had, so much so that Losliya Army has surfaced on social media.

All we’ve got to do is see if she makes it to the finale!



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