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Bigg Boss Tamil: By Helping The Contestants Open Up, The Show Encouraged Mental Health!

Well done on the group talk.

Bigg Boss is a reality show and that too a top trending one. 16 contestants are living inside a house with no entertainment, no one else to see and they’ve got to do all the chores by themselves. The challenge is, whether they survive or not with nothing from their daily lives to help them survive. It is a challenge indeed.

We are aware of the fact that it is healthier to live without phones, tabs and laptops. But, in today’s world and age, it doesn’t seem to be a possibility especially when all of are used to it in our professional and our personal lives.



The reality show recently had a task where the contestants were allowed to talk about their sorrows, disappointments and secrets. True or fake, non-scripted or staged, the contestants were allowed to talk about situations to their fellow mates. They were allowed to cry, break down, emote all that they have been wanting to and anything else they felt was necessary to let out.

Mental health is a serious problem. When an individual does not emote, its dangerous. It locks one down and that either makes them meet ends or just get more aggressive mentally. Any show for that matter allowing an individual to express in a group is healthy. When those contestants walked down the stage and received a hug for being brave, that’s the end of their sorrow. They are bound to feel better about themselves and lighter at heart.



It is imperative that public platforms take such steps to encourage mental health, encourage the fact that its okay to cry and feel sad and that there should be no gender discrimination in feelings and emotions.

Studies says that through group talks an individual gets strong mentally to expressive his views and opinions boldly. Group counselling is proved to be efficient and a success.

However maybe the show, the task of expressing is a clear winner and gives the contestants a chance to brave no matter what.

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