Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Myna Nandhini Reveals Haunting Experience in BB House!


The 6th season of Bigg Boss Tamil has finally caught up some pace as the contestants have started playing their game. In the second week, GP Muthu walked out of the house due to personal worries. He was missing his son and therefore decided to quit the show. That week, Shanthi Master was also evicted from the house as she received the least votes. In the recent weekend episode, Kamal asked contestants like Azeem, Ayesh and Sheriina the right questions to tackle their behaviour. The weekend episode was loved by all the contestants as Kamal’s tactics to handle the situation were brilliant. The very first ‘Kurumpadam’ was also played in Saturday’s episode, proving Dhanalakshmi’s innocence. Asal Kolaar was evicted from the house this week.

On Friday, Amudhavanan played a prank on the housemates by pretending to be possessed by a ghost. While the other contestants figured that it was a prank, Dhanalakshmi was extremely frightened and even wanted to leave the house. She was then consoled by other contestants who explained to her that it was a mere prank. Kamal also teased Dhanalakshmi for getting scared and reassured her that the house is safe. However, in a recent video, Myna Nandhini is seen explaining haunting experiences in the BB house.

In the video, she was seen speaking to Amudhavanan, where she says that she has felt the presence of a spirit in the house. She is seen telling him that rituals were conducted with lemons and other similar superstitious things to ward away evil. Amudhavan seems shocked hearing this from Myna. However, knowing Myna’s sense of comedy, we are unsure whether she is also playing a prank or is surreal about these experiences. Let us wait and watch to know.

Bigg Boss is a show with a huge fan following and netizens are constantly making memes out of the content on Social media. Last season, Raju made it to the Finale and bagged the title. The show is always hosted by Kamal Haasan, but for a short while last season, Ramya Krishnan hosted it. Bigg Boss Ultimate was also completed recently with contestants who have already been in the Bigg Boss House. The first season’s title was bagged by Arav. The winner of the following seasons was Rythvika, Mugen Rao, Aari Arjunan, and Raju Jeyamohan, for seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively.


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