Bigg Boss Tamil 6: First ‘Kurumpadam’ Out! Watch Now!

The truth revealed!

Bigg Boss is a show with a huge fan following, and the team recently announced that it is returning for Season 6. Last season, Raju made it to the Finale and bagged the title. The show is always hosted by Kamal Haasan, but for a short while last season, Ramya Krishnan hosted it. Bigg Boss Ultimate was also completed recently with contestants who have already been in the Bigg Boss House. The first season’s title was bagged by Arav. The winner of the following seasons was Rythvika, Mugen Rao, Aari Arjunan, and Raju Jeyamohan, for seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively.

This season has already witnessed 2 weeks of episodes. When Myna Nandini entered the house as a wildcard contestant the tally of the contestants came up to 21. Now, GP Muthu has left the house due to personal worries. GP Muthu missed his family way too much and therefore decided to quit the show and exit the house. On Sunday, Shanthi was also evicted from the house because she received the least votes from the audience. Now, the total house tally stands at 19.

Yesterday’s promo showed some serious conflict between Dhanalakshmi and Azeem. For the past two days, all the contestants of the BB 6 house have been locking horns with each other because of the ‘Toy Task’. In yesterday’s promo, Azeem was seen yelling at Dhanalakshmi. He alleged that she pushed other contestants like Sheriina down and that Sheriina got hurt on her head because of that. He also asked her if she was even a woman, and how she could be so violent in the house. In another promo, Dhanalakshmi was then seen discussing with Rachitha that if a Kurumpadam (clip) reveals that she is at fault, then she will apologise personally to the entire house.

Yesterday, after the telecast of the episode, netizens were fast enough to release the ‘Kurumpadam’ (clip) of that particular instance. In that video, it is clearly seen that both Dhanalakshmi and Sheriina are pushed down in defence during the task. In fact, Dhalakshmi falls down more vehemently than Sheriina. While the former gets up immediately and continues the game, the latter seems dazed due to the falls. However, she did not fall headfirst, therefore it is not possible for her to hurt her head that badly. Azeem immediately starts blaming Dhanalakshmi. However, even Vikraman says that Sheriina did not fall headfirst, and therefore there is no possibility of her getting hurt.

At the same time, another clip reveals that Azeem used force on Shivin by strangling her neck. Social media users are demanding that Kamal reprimand him for the same. it is the very essence of the task to use physical and it is understood that the contestants should be prepared to face the consequences. Hope Kamal Haasan points out Azeem’s bad speech and disrespectful comments against the other housemates. It is also expected that this clip will be played in the upcoming weekend episode.

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