Bigg Boss Tamil: 5 Reasons Why Aari Was People’s Favourite This Season!

Confratulations Aari!

As expected, the man who had gotten the most positive attention from the audience this season of Bigg Boss Tamil, Aari Arjunan has won the title as the finalist. Although, Aari did not start out as people’s favourite, he turned out to be the positive contestant which made people think that there was another side to him. As the budding actor wins the title today, we look at 5 reasons as to why Aari has been the most favourite this season:

1. The most nominated


In the entire history of Bigg Boss Tamil, Aari has been the most nominated contestant. Almost during, every nomination, he was elected. But, he had won the hearts of people so much so that he was the first person to be saved by votes every single time.


2. An honest approach



Honesty has been Aari’s game strategy throughout this season, a trait Oviya used to grab the audience attention. From the tasks to the nomination process, Aari tried to project himself as an honest contestant.

3. Against groupism



Aari made sure that he never supported groupism within the House. During several occasions, the winner had always spoken against groupism and favouritism. In fact, he was never a part of any group during the entire season and made sure he continued to never support it.

4. Most hard-working


Be it any task or even a simple favour or help asked by a contestant, Aari has never hesitated to enthusiastically fulfill it. He was seen giving his best throughout. To him, the best game strategy has always been to put in a 100% effort.

5. Mentally strong



Aari has maintained a level head throughout this season beginning from day one. Although there were several fights with his fellow finalist Balaji, he made sure to keep it at bay and not make it wild. In fact, during several days Kamal would appreciate Aari for subsiding a fight efficiently. He is a regular practitioner of Yoga. Probably, this has helped in calming himself even in the toughest testing times. Aari got the opportunity to captain the house a couple of times. During his captaincy, Aari took efforts to popularise proverbs and philosophies in the Tamil language.

Apart from this, Aari is a professional Silambattam trainer. During several occasions, the show encouraged him to teach a thing or two about the same to his fellow mates as well.

We wish Aari all the very best for his future journey.


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