Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Dear Saravanan, Molesting A Woman In A Bus Is Not Funny And Definitely Not Cool!

We are equally shocked by the way the audience reacted too!

We have seen various controversies on Bigg Boss this season. But, this time, looks like it that this has just blown out of proportion. It began initially when Meera Mithun accused Cheran of manhandling her during one of the tasks. While sorting out this issue, Kamal happened to share a major issue women face while travelling in buses. He stated, “To travel on a busy bus is a big hassle. While there are people who are rushing to reach office on time, there are those who get in just to touch women inappropriately.”

A proud Saravanan who feels that he is entitled to say anything toxic, says, “I have done it.”  All we would have expected Kamal to do was at least schooled him casually just like he did when Madhumitha slut-shamed women. He initially misconstrued it as the helper Saravanan who was there to help the women and thrash the perpetrators and what was worse? The audience clapping and whistling.

So dear Saravanan, if you feel that molesting women on the bus is funny or sounds sarcastic to you, you’re wrong and you definitely are in legal trouble for your heinous act. Men like you are really toxic to this society. There are plenty of other jokes to make but this is definitely not one of them. Women struggle every day to travel to their workplaces in the fear of being harassed, molested or groped. They are worried that they would be made fun of, they fear that they would be traumatised forever by evil intentions. Do you understand that young school-going girls get molested in public transports and feel like they are scarred for life? Do you even understand the seriousness of you low-life so-called “comedy” or your act?

You can never make up to what you just said. Imagine the women watching this, your wife watching this, tomorrow your son may watch this and believe that it’s okay to be that way. How could you admit it so proudly and think of it as a joke?

And it was so degrading to see men and women in the audience cheering and clapping to this cheap statement. Nothing was sarcastic and absolutely nothing was funny about it.

It is uncomfortable, unfortunate and we are disappointed to see the irresponsibility. What was satisfactory was many viewers on social media took it to their respective handles expressed their disappointment and shock.


Every show and every person must have the utmost responsibility. This is and will always be unacceptable!

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