Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Yashika Anand Out Of The Reality Show!

Final week now!

Everyone’s favourite, Yashika Anand, who gained massive popularity with her stint in the reality TV show Bigg Boss Tamil’s second season, is now out of the competition. The 19-year-old actress who has starred in a few Tamil films and is an Instagram model based in Chennai, was eliminated from the show on Sunday.

The weekend witnessed the elimination of two contestants from the house. ‘Dhaadi’ Balajie was the first to get eliminated on Saturday. Yashika was eliminated on Sunday. Needless to say, their exit was met with applause and relief was written large on their faces.

Many believed Yashika’s exit was too unexpected. While she earned brickbats by some, she mostly earned fans during her stint. She now joins other contestants namely Ananth Vaidyanathan, Mamathi Chari, Shaariq, Nithya, Vaishnavi, Mahat, Ramya NSK, Daniel Annie Pope, Sendrayan, Ponnambalam, and Mumtaz.

She took to Instagram soon after her exit was announced.

Yashika gained popularity when she voiced out against fellow contestant Ponnambalam who had made comments about her and Aishwarya Dutta. For all the short clothes they might wear or the boys they might hang out with, Ponnambalam’s comments were directly hitting at their characters. When a man does something similar, nobody bats an eyelid. But when a woman does, she is considered to be of ‘loose character’, or so goes the thought process. And his comments were made bearing culture in mind, indicating that it’s imbibed in culture that a woman must be controlled. The usage of terms such as ‘allow’, ‘permission’, ‘tamed’ were flippantly used by some contestants.

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As for Balajie, his eviction points out to the fact that this season, it will be a woman who will win the competition. Him being the last man in the show, the contest now involves four women – Janani Iyer, Aishwarya Dutta, Vijayalakshmi, and Rhythvika. The last week is underway and the speculations are high about the winner.

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