Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Nithya Gets Eliminated !

Twitterati thinks there’s something fishy going on!

Sunday’s Bigg Boss Tamil 2 episode ended with a complete surprise. While most were of the opinion that Yashika would definitely get voted out, turns out, they were all wrong! Nithya, an entrepreneur and estranged wife of Balajie, another contestant, was unceremoniously voted and everybody was shocked with the twist.

It’s believed that she secured fewer votes when compared to the other contestants who were up for elimination – Ponnambalam, Balajie and Yashika. In fact, viewers predicted the elimination of Yashika, who had secured highest number of votes, with Nithya receiving lesser votes than Ponnambalam, a contestant who was the cynosure of all eyes last week.

Nithya is the third contestant to get voted out of the 16 contestants. The first one to leave the house was Mamathi Chari, followed by Ananth Vaidyanathan last week, and now Nithya.

Nithya had entered the show as an individual riding on the fact that she’s a single mom now taking care of her daughter after a troubled marriage as well as running an NGO for women. While not many took to her in the initial weeks, with contestant Mumtaz and her constantly at loggerheads. However, she won a lot of hearts over time when she related how she was the real victim in her marriage to Balajie and how she has stormed through a lot and will struggle it out.

Yashika and Ponnambalam, in fact, were the ones who were likely to leave the house. Ponnambalam’s crass statements towards the young girls in the house and Yashika calling his behaviour out grabbed attention, with even Ponnambalam “sentenced” to jail in the house.

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