Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Difficult Decisions And The Question Of Ponnambalam’s Punishment

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Contestant Ananth Vaidyanathan, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss House on Sunday, created a storm of controversies when he, under his power, pronounced fellow contestant Ponnambalam to jail at the house. Miffed by the foul language he used towards women, Ananth took the decision to choose Ponnambalam. And this has left other members of the house tussle for Ponnambalam’s freedom.

Vaishnavi, who is the captain, says that she has the key to the jail room and that she will not lock him in jail. The contestants believe that Ponnambalam tends to do his tasks well and hence it wouldn’t be right to put him in jail. Yashika believes that she should be in jail since she was the one who had noticed the foul language that he said, but contestants reassure her that Ananth put her in jail, not her fault.

Aishwarya comes for Yashika’s defence and says that she looks at Ponnambalam as ‘chitappa’ and called him out on his misogyny. The three try to clarify things but with other’s interference, it gets a little heated with the question of ‘characterless’ girl often brought up.

Ramya NSK becomes the new captain and assigns roles for each of the contestants.

Also, Bigg Boss begins a supremely difficult way of nominating contestants. Calling everybody in threes to the confession room, each of the contestants is supposed to nominate each other. Finally, Yashika, Ponnambalam, Nithya, and Balajie have been nominated this week.

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