Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Balajie Ill Treats Nithya, The Men Turn Slaves

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Bigg Boss Tamil 2 has been seemingly getting a little out of hand without the viewers in even noticing. A lot of inappropriate comments, tasks, and judgements are being made and last night’s episode was no exception. Contestants Nithya and Balajie, an estranged couple, have evidently been having issues cropping up between them. While Nithya has been trying to keep it cordial between them, given their history and that they have a child together, Balajie has resorted to lashing out at her.

And amidst all this, many other contestants continue to ask them to get back together. Something that Nithya is clearly not comfortable with. With things getting nasty between them, what with Balajie calling her names, Nithya reached a breaking point yesterday and no one was by her side. It’s might unfair to watch her try and maintain her composure while Balajie¬†continues to berate her for not getting back with him.

The two have a controversial past and Nithya has clearly been trying to move on, but Balajie’s¬†constant persistence not only makes this difficult for her, it also shows how toxic his behaviour is. The behaviour of the other contestants, especially with Sendrayan trying to get them back together, hasn’t been helping either. Sure it was a bad idea for the former couple to participate in this show together, but one must really notice how toxic Balajie’s behaviour has been and yet he isn’t getting called out for it, with Nithya bearing the brunt of it all.

The week has been proceeding on a different note, with now the female contestants being treated as queens and the male contestants as helps. And guess what? The men don’t like it because it appears domestic duties are not for them! Clearly it goes on to show what they harbour towards domestic duties and the sexist notions they have in mind, with all of them unwilling to serve the women, something the women did without any hue and cry earlier this week.

The show is only getting heated by the day but the hope lies in everybody keeping it civil, as opposed to things getting out of hand like last season.

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