Bigg Boss Tamil 2: All The Unforgettable Moments From This Season!


Reality show Bigg Boss Tamil has completed its second season and things are going back to normal, now that the regular citizen’s 9PM show will be taken over by yet another daily soap. The winner is Riythvika, the actress who has featured in big films such as Paradesi, Kabali, Madras, Iru Mugan, and others.

The winner was announced by host Kamal Haasan on Sunday and the audience is genuinely happy with the winner. Someone who kept to herself and didn’t engage in politics or rivalry with others, Riythvika has been lauded as a good contestant, a dark horse who was initially hard to read but soon enough, grabbed all the opportunities and made the best of it. The winner gets to walk away with Rs 10 lakhs and new found fame. She is the second winner, the first winner of the show was Aarav from last year.

Needless to say, contrary to what the first season was, this season was not particularly everybody’s favourite. Good times, bad times, and okay-times, here are some of the top moments from this season:

Mumtaz’s fight with the contestants:

Mumtaz, who is fondly called ‘Momo’ by all now, was someone who was considered very dominating in the show. The initial few weeks, Mumtaz had an issue with Nithya, Janani, Sendrayan, and others owing to cooking-related tasks, or even just being plain annoyed with them. The finale also had her raising her voice at Nithya again.


Aishwarya Dutta – the tyrant?

When Aishwarya Dutta became the ‘tyrant’, the dictator or in her words, the queen, a lot of people lost their cool. That’s when Aishwarya as a loud person who did whatever she wanted to so started coming to the fore. She even dumped trash on contestant Balajie and their enmity continued for long!


When Ponambalam wanted to uphold Tamil culture:

Ponnambalam had made a few lewd remarks directed at Aishwarya Dutta and Yashika Anand. The two were not someone to be silenced. But there was also someone who was not going to be quiet about this – Ananth Vaidyanath. Upon his elimination, he put Ponnambalam in the Bigg Boss jail and left with quite a bang. The issue snowballed with even Kamal Haasan showing a little favouritism to Ponnambalam.

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When contestants missed home:

This was a particularly nice episode when all the contestants gathered and spoke about home. They missed their dear ones and spoke about why they missed them and all the little things in life. Everybody shed copious tears but also felt cathartic, with them leaving their differences aside and coming together through this emotion.

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