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Bigg Boss’ Gayathri Complaining About “Groupism” Is The Biggest Irony Of All Times!

Are you serious?

It is really hard to come to a conclusion regarding who turns out to be funnier? Gayathri, Bigg Boss or Vijay Television? Because everything related to Bigg Boss has become a joke. The essence is lost. Three new entries in a week and no improvement whatsoever. However, it’s really fun to watch everything thriving hard to push the reality show ahead like it used to be.

While watching one of the episodes, I happened to notice something – Gayathri talking about Housemates forming groups! What? Yes, you heard it right. Look who’s even talking about forming groups – the master of it. I still remember the first day when Gayathri, Sakthi, Snehan, and Namitha forming a group considering themselves the group that is fit to govern this House.

Don’t you think it’s odd to find someone like her feeling submissive because another person within the House actually has people to talk to? We as an audience, vividly remember the kind of “groupism” Gayathri was a leader of and the way she treated the others around her.

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