Bigg Boss 6: VJ Maheswari and Shivin Ganesan Fight On Day 2! Find Out Why!

Heated arguments sum up day 2!

The 6th season of the popular Tamil reality show Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan began on October 9th. This season, there are 20 contestants, including, Azeem, Asal Kolaar, GP Muthu, VJ Kathirravan, Maheswari, Robert Master, Shivin Ganesan, Nivaashini, Janany, Queency, Rachitha Mahalakshmi, Ram Ramasamy, Amudhavanan, Shanthi, Vikraman, Dhanalakshmi, Manikanta Rajesh, ADK, Aysha and Sheriina.

In yesterday’s episode, the four clubs comprising Cooking, Vessel Washing, Cleaning and Bathroom cleaning were given rules and regulations as to how to cater to the other contestants. If requested, the cooking team had to feed other contestants. Similarly, if requested, the bathroom team had to carry the other contestants on a Red carpet to the bathroom. While Shivin and Amudhavanan are the heads of the Cooking and Bathroom Cleaning clubs resepctively, GP Muthu and Kathirravan are the heads of Vessel washing and cleaning clubs.

In the morning itself, Shivin and Maheshwari got into an argument with regards to cooking. Both of them belong to the cooking club. First, the other members of the cooking club were complaining to the contestants for selecting Shivin as the head. This is because, Shivin went to take a bath, without contributing to the cooking club. As soon as she returned from her bath, Maheshwari and Shivin got into an argument as the former was irritated about the latter not contributing to cooking. The argument went on for a while, after which Shivin said that she will contribute.

Similarly, Maheshwari also got into an argument with Azeem. Azeem was making tea for himself, which is against the clubhouse rules. Maheshwari, who belongs to the cooking club said that he was not allowed to make tea. Then, Azeem requested the cooking team to make tea, for which Maheshwari said that he had to wait 30 minutes for the same. This lead to a heated argument between the two contestants. However, the two then spoke about it and sorted the matter between themselves.

A new task was played where every contestant was asked to name one person whom they wanted to befriend in the house. Asal called Aysha and said he wanted to be friends with her. But he also said that he doesn’t want her to call him ‘Da’. This again became a matter of conflict between the two, due to which Aysha even started crying. Then Asal sat and clarified his stance to Aysha.

Aysha and Nivaa each won 200 points for playing well in the luxury budget task. Another task was also introduced in yesterday’s episode. The task was to find which team could scream the loudest. Manikanta Rajesh and Vikraman got into a heated argument after the task, as they had a disagreement. In the first promo, Janany is seen saying something about Aysha for which the latter has taken offence. In the 2nd promo of Day 3, Maheshwari and Dhanalakshmi are seen fighting with each other regarding food and cooking.


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