Bigg Boss 5 Stirs Tears As Pavni Reddy Talks About Her Husband’s Suicide!

“I didn’t cry when he died instead I was angry!”

Bigg Boss season 5 has hit the headlines so many times since its four days since launch. Recently, Priyanka Deshpande took to the stage with her high humor sense and caring nature in the last promo. The ‘Kadandhu Vandha Paadhai’ task continues again. In the last few days, contestants like Imman Annachi, Suruthi, Namitha and Chinna Ponnu shared about the difficult path they came across.

Pavni reddy, a famous face of Vijay television, took the stage to share her story. Talking about how she got into acting, Pavni expressed her amusement over how she was asked to bring photographs and had taken along passport size photos instead of headshots. “I was given the number of a training institute and I learnt acting there.”

She titled the next part of her life as a ‘love story’ and talked about how she had left her home to be with Pradeep (her ex-husband).

“I quit movies and shifted to serials for more opportunities and incidentally, both of us got the hero heroine role in a serial. But I suffered a miscarriage and had to take bed rest.”

She talked about the hopes that both of them had despite the miscarriage and led on to talk about her husband’s suicide.

“I rushed to catch his legs while my brother untied the saree from his head,” she said, choking on the details of her husband’s harsh decision.

“I loved him so much, he took care of me like a child. We had dreams and we wanted to start a family together. I never thought he would leave me alone. I didn’t cry when he died instead I was angry. Now it feels like I am destined to be alone forever,” she added, as it choked up the contestants as well.

Pavni had once shared the same story with her housemate Isaivani whom she had befriended at the start. Many other contestants are yet to share their stories and bigg boss still promises a dose of drama with each episode.

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