Bigg Boss 3: Contestants Who Won Hearts!

We are loving this batch already!

Bigg Boss in Tamil has been successfully running ever since day one. Yes, Kamal Haasan is definitely one of the reasons why the show is a hit but the concept is new to South and the contestants are quite popular. Oviya, a young actress who debuted in Kollywood through ‘Kalavaani’ was a part of the House for season 1 and she is now the masses’ hot favorite.

The second season also saw some drama from Aishwarya Dutta, Yashika, Mahat, Balaji and more. Most of them have even bagged many offers now.

The season 3 saw one of the largest sets ever but what was more impressive was the line-up of contestants. Yes, it is a reality show and yes, it will have its own fair share of controversies but what’s more exciting is that the number of women contestants are more and they all have a great story to tell. Here is a list of all the women contestants who would be seen these 100 days:

1. Kavin



Yes, he has his own fan following ever since he portrayed the role of Tamizh in Saravanan Meenatchi. He is charming, funny and definitely a value addition to the team of contestants.


2. Sandy



He is as energetic a person as he is as a dancer. Sandy was so much fun to watch, he pretty much gave us the Danny vibe, don’t you think? Also, Kavin and Sandy were a fun-ride to watch onscreen!


3. Abhirami Venkatachalam



Stunning, charming but most of all, she was out and about. She seems to be very straight-forward about herself and keeps to herself when no one’s around. Her crush for Kavin is something to watch out for – they would look good together too!


4. Reshma



Reshma was a roller-coaster ride. She was fun and she was enthusiastic about everything and seems to be a good team player.


5. Losliya



This newsreader is easily everybody’s favourite (for now). In a poll conducted by Team JFW, Losliya won it as the most favourite contestant. She is so charming and she wins hearts with her smile and the way she talks.


6. Mohan Vaidya



To be honest he was one of the most enthusiastic contestants yesterday. He seemed to be a team player and goes along with the younger generation too.


7. Sakshi Agarwal



Chirpy, funny and rational – Sakshi made a decent first impression!


8. Mugen



Yet another audience favourite is winning hearts in India too now. This Malaysian singer/actor is absolutely charming us with his beautiful voice and talent!


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