Big Boss season 2 contestant Kaajal comes to Madhumitha’s defense!!

In the latest episode of Big Boss Tamil 3, Kamla Hassan asks Fathima to narrate the week in the Big Boss house. In her narative she tells a little about how Abhirami is considering her water bottle, dressed up by Mugen Rao, as their child. While this was taken just as fun, fellow housemate Madhumitha found it offensive. A fight broke out between her and Abhirami. The whole situation worsened when Madhu brought in the connotation of being a “Tamil Ponnu” (tamil girl). She explains how tamil culture doesn’t allow such behavior and that this is a family show where such things should not be encouraged.

The other housemates came to Abhirami’s defense and asked her to apologise  for her words. Actors Sherin and Kavin spoke in support of Abhirami calling out Madhumitha for trying to character assassinate and objectifying her.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 contestant Kaajal Pasupathi took to twitter to express her view on the issue. She says that when  last season  winner Riythvika said the same thing everyone agreed, but Madhu saying the same has attracted so much hate and tension. She added writing “Was it because she had a huge fan following? why? Ain’t it kinda biased”.


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