Behind The Scenes: When Samantha Shouted At Naga Chaitanya!

She gets things done her way!

The power couple Samantha and Naga Chaitanya have always showcased wonderful chemistrybe it ‘in “ye Maaya Chesave’, ‘Manam’ and now ‘Majili’. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya have proved their mettle in acting through ‘Majili’. They were much appreciated for their chemistry and the impeccable storyline with witty humour and beautiful emotions. From Nagarjuna to Rana Daggubati everybody appreciated the couple for their great success. Similarly, the Akkineni family also had a reason to celebrate. And the reason is this blockbuster couple Samantha and Naga Chaitanya.

Talking about the scenes that went on behind the scene, Samantha said, “I’m sitting at the monitor even while Chay is doing his scenes and used to shout on him if he didn’t perform a scene well. But I’ll be the one to get over excited when he delivers stupendous performance. Because we have to deliver no less than a blockbuster with Majili, I’ve taken this stress.”

Well, what’s better than a wife with constructive criticism, right?

In a with a regional entertainment portal, Nagaa Chaitanya talked about pairing up with his wife after a long time. He said, “Frankly, Samantha and I were scared to work together. Since we had already done love stories before our marriage, we want to do a different film when we act together. Fortunately, Majili is one such different film. Interestingly, Shiva has come up with a story of husband and wife. And we both got excited hearing the script. It’s a gutsy movie with challenging roles. Poorna and Sravani stand out.”

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