Authentic Thai Recipes from Thai Food Festival!

From the kitchens of Raintree!

Check out these 4 exclusive recipes from the Thai Food Festival happening at The Raintree, St Mary’s Road till July 15th. A blend of authentic Thai ingredients with genuine cuisine process makes this one yummy feast!

Khao neaw ma muang

(Mango Sticky Rice)

-120 gm Sticky rice

-100 ml coconut milk

– 15 gm sugar

– 50 gm cubes mango

-Mint leaves for garnish



– Cooked the sticky rice in coconut milk

– Keep aside to warm

– serve in a bowl with chopped mango

– Garnish with mint leaves

Tom kati kha min

(Thai coconut soup with fresh turmeric, chicken, prawn and vegetables)

–  180 ml coconut milk

–  5 gm fresh turmeric powder

– 5 gm lemon grass slice

– 5 gm galangal slice

– Fresh red chilli 1 nos slice

– 5 spring onions

 – 120 gm chicken or prawns



-Bring all the ingredients to a boil.

-add salt to taste.

-served hot garnish with coriander leaves

Goong pun Ta krai                                    

(Prawn marinated wrap on lemon grass stick)

–  180gm prawns

– Fine minced the prawn

– mixed well

-10 ml with fish sauce

-5 gm sugar

– 5 gm fine chopped lemon leaf

-5 gm fine chopped bird eyes chilli

-10 gm corn flour

-30 gm of each 4 inch lemon grass sticks


-Wash the prawns and fine mince.

-Mix in the Fish sauce, sugar, chopped lemon leaf, chopped bird eyes chilies, corn flour with the prawns.

-Wrap in lemon grass sticks and deep fry. Serve with Thai sweet chili sauce.

Gaeng phed ped yang

(Roasted duck red curry pineapple, Lychee, eggplant cherry tomato, basil and chilly)

-15 gm Thai red curry paste

-200 ml coconut milk

-50 ml vegetables stock water

– 5 gm lemon leaf

-160 gm Duck Chungs

-5 no Lychee,

-5 gm egg plant

-5 nos cherry tomato

-15 gm basil

-Served hot garnish with fried basil and red chilli


– Add oil and add all ingredients one by one except red curry paste and coconut milk,

– Add the meat and cook till done, after few minutes add red curry paste and coconut milk and cook.

– Serve hot and garnish with fried basil and red chilli

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