AR Rahman’s Singa Penney Is The Kind Of Song We Have Been Waiting To Listen To For A Very Long Time!

THis is the best so far!

I cannot recollect a day in recent times when a song from a film in Kollywood praised women and told them that they are stronger than they think. All we get instead is Adida Avala, Indha Ponnungaley ippadi and loads of other useless lyrics demeaning women. Even if there’s a song not demeaning them, it’s always about how a woman is tender or how she is the perfectionist and how being preachy must be her best quality. Mothers, sisters and sometimes even women friends get songs for themselves. What about all the women who achieve so much on a daily basis? What about scientists TK Anuradha and Vanitha Muthayya? What about PV Sindhu and Hima Das? What about all those women who balance family and work on a daily basis? What about those single mothers who are judged everyday? Where are the songs that praise their strength and valor?

Bharathiyar kanda Pudhumai Penn was not restricted to being at home and make a man with a brash behavior into a good man. She was all about inner strength and that she can do anything she wants to and she will do it! Singa Penney, a song from Nayanthara-Vijay’s film, is dedicated to all the strong women and director Atlee calls this a “woman’s anthem. Written by lyricist Vivek, this song sees ARR, Atlee and Vivek talking about a song they wish to dedicate to all the women and how men are always compared with fire and how women are compared with flowers. They talk about changing the entirety of portrayal of women.

The lyrics are absolutely mind-blowing. The song emphasizes on how a woman must fulfill her dreams no matter what people tell her. How the society might pull you down and she must go on and achieve big beyond all that. How her achievements will make the menfolk bow down to her. Unbelievably beautiful and something that was most needed.

Watch the song of Singa Penney below:

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