Anitha Sampath speaks about gender stereotypes in the Bigg Boss House!

Points out the sexism in even a reality TV show!

The first season of Bigg Boss Ultimate started in January, and the show is going past its 3rd week. Recently, Kamal Haasan announced that he will be opting out of the show because of clashes in his schedule with Vikram shoot. He said that he will be back to host season 6 of the show. Meanwhile, it is still unclear, who will be hosting the remaining of the Ultimate show.

While the show is going with its own share of twists and turns, recently, in one of the episodes, Anitha Sampath boldly pointed out the stereotypes women are forced to face, while men who do the exact same thing but get away with it. In one of the tasks, Anitha spoke about how the audience comment against the women contestants of the Bigg Boss house. Speaking about how both male and female contestant fight and argue in the house, she asked why only women contestants were belittled and insulted in the comments for arguing.

“Male contestants have argued and even broken things in the house. But not one comment would say that the man’s wife is to be pitied because of his anger. However, when a female contestant shouts or argues, immediately the comments are filled with empathising words for the woman’s husband. Why is the right to argue and shout reserved for men?” she asked.

She also said that women in general are considered beautiful and feminine in society, only if they remain silent and smile and speak, as much as men expect them to. If women speak more than this defined amount, they’re are branded as arrogant and aggressive.

This is a point to be considered as women are always expected to be in control of their emotions, especially anger, while men are allowed to throw tantrums, and that is normalised. In fact, when men are calm, many comment saying that the man is not ‘manly’ enough. These are some gender stereotypes that should change.


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