Aneethi Movie Review: A Twisted And Dark Tale Of The Effects Of Capitalism!

Gut wrenching story about rich being rich!

Cast: Arjun Das, Dushara Vijayan, Kaali Venkat

Director: Vasanthabalan

Aneethi, an action-thriller film that talks about a lot of things like capitalism, mental illness and how the rich exploit their workers and maids. Even though the movie follows a predictable plot, the actors really shine in the movie. 

Aneethi follows the life of Thiru (Arjun Das), who works as a delivery boy. He faces a lot of  humiliation and ill – treatment by the customers that place the order and his manager. He is often deranged with thoughts of killing the people who ill-treat him but we learn that he is suffering from a mental illness. He is dealing with a condition called  called OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). We see him trying hard to control his thought and walk away from these situations humiliated. 

As a delivery partner he meets Subbu (Dushara Vijayan) who is the only kind person he encounters. Soon he realizes that she is the maid and caretaker of a rich grandmother who lives alone. They fall in love and often spend time together. Soon the grandmother catches Thiru and Subbu but she passes away later that night. Hell breaks loose when Thiru and Subbu use the old lady’s card for the mortuary. 

Arjun Das and Dushara did justice to their role, Arjun Das shines in his role as someone who is struggling mentally and financially. Especially in scenes where he is struggling to control his urge and finding a midpoint. Kaali Venkat in a surprise cameo aces his role as Thiru’s father. 

Focusing on the script, director Vasanthabalan has a good story and has his heart in the right place. But the screenplay drags here and there. He tries to address a lot of issues in society and it struggles to find a fixed common ground. But it is definitely a good story and mirrors our society to a great extent.

Visuals could be more stronger to address the issue but GV Prakash’s music makes up for the part.

In short, the movie touches upon various societal issues but struggles to focus on one and prioritise it. 


Rating – 3/5

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