Amala Paul SLAMS AL Azhagappan’s Statement Against Dhanush Being Responsible For Her Divorce With His Son!

Amala Paul comes forth to clarify!

It has been a while since Amala Paul and AL Vijay split but the reasons for their breakups keep resurfacing. The latest who commented on the ex-couple’s split was AL Vijay’s father AL Azhagappan.

In a recent interview, AL Azhagappan, father of AL Vijay, opened up about his side of the story. He stated that Amala Paul was the one who decided to never act in films any more post-wedding. However, he stated that when Dhanush offered her Amma Kanakku through his production banner, she immediately agreed to do it. This paved the way to Vijay and Amala’s divorce, said Azhagappan.

AL Azhagappan’s accusation on the leading actor Dhanush caused a stir in the industry.

Reverting to the unnecessary allegations, actress Amala Paul opened up in the recent interview. A furious Amala Paul slammed reports for holding Dhanush responsible for the divorce. Stating that it was her sole decision to part ways from her ex-husband, she added that Dhanush is a very good friend of hers and a well-wisher. Amala Paul concluded by saying that she has no interest whatsoever to answer any further questions about a divorce that happened many years ago.

While AL Vijay is married to Dr. Aishwarya, Amala Paul is still pursuing her dream of creating good films with good content. She further added that she has no plans of getting married anytime soon and that when all her projects wrap up she will announce her wedding shortly!

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