All the Inspiring messages from Celebrities on Yoga Day!


International Yoga Day is well celebrated worldwide and ardent Yoga followers this year decided to post some amazing pictures of various Yoga postures and positions. However, amidst every Yoga practitioner, we also got to know which of our celebrities were into Yoga and truly devoted to it.

Yoga has clearly taken the fitness industry by storm, not just in India but in the international market too. From PM Narendra Modi to Hollywood celebrities making a big deal about yoga, the fitness form is here to stay.

It is in fact, India’s contribution to the world and one of the best ways to stay fit both physically and mentally. While we often spot Hollywood celebs and fitness gurus doing yoga and posting photos, when it comes to India, we don’t really recall many faces especially yoga experts who do the same.

Here are some pictures that will literally blow your mind away looking at the kind of postures are celebrities are involved in.




Dear Instafam , Pranayama: Prana means life (no life without breath), Ayama means practice/control. So when you practice control over breath you WILL have control over your LIFE and MIND. It not only cleanses 72000 nadis/channels, your mind and blood ,but that cleansing process translates into energy.. SHAKTI.. This power helps you positively manifest your AURA, RELATIONSHIPS,SELF-AWARENESS and GOALS. This International Yoga day start with Pranayama.. Welcome the NEW you. Inhale the future, Exhale the past..Enjoy the present. A big thankyou to @narendramodi ji who leads and inspires by example.🙏 and @ra_rathore for keeping the momentum going so passionately #humfittohindiafit With gratitude Shilpa Shetty Kundra #internationalyogaday #yogini #power #shakti #gratitude #startyoga #swasthrahomastraho #benefits #pranayama #breathe #yoga

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