Aishwarya Rajesh Confesses This About Trisha!

Aishwarya is truly a queen of hearts!

It has been a brilliant 2018 and a good start to 2019 for the very talented Aishwarya Rajesh. With blockbusters like ‘Vada Chennai’ and ‘Kanaa’, Aishwarya is one of the most versatile and successful actresses of her times. With so much credibility, Aishwarya has been pretty much choosing some of the best roles she could teeth into. Relating to this, in an interview with a leading daily, the ‘Kaaka Muttai’ actress talked about some of the inspirational women she looks up to¬†from the industry.

It is a known fact that Trisha was evidently replaced by Aishwarya¬†Rajesh in Chiyaan Vikram’s Saamy Square which was a huge shocker. It was reported that Trisha and Chiyaan drifted apart after the incident. Neither did Aishwarya and Trisha. However, Rajesh had some of the sweetest comments about her senior.

She further added that for sticking around in the film industry for a very long time as a leading lady and yet getting to do scripts like ’96’ after being in the industry for 18 years is one of the biggest successes!

She also talked about how inspirational Nayanthara is to all the actresses her generation.

“I admire Nayanthara a lot. She has done so many films and has become an inspiration for people like me to do female-centric projects. She has opened up the market for us. Nayan presents herself so well on screen. She can rock the sari look and do the glam stuff too with ease. Her performance surprises us each time.”

We totally agree with her on this!

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