Actress Kasthuri Indirectly Insults Karthi; Actor Gives A Fitting Response!

Well, that was uncalled for!

Karthi was one of the many guests who attended the audio launch of Kollywood movie ‘July Kaatril’. The event anchored by yesteryear actress Kasthuri was considered to be a grand success. In an attempt to make the evening fun-filled and entertaining, Kasthuri went next to Karthi who was on stage and tried clicking a selfie. While posing she said, “As your dad is not around, let me take a selfie with you.”

This did not go well with Karthi and he did not take a selfie with the anchor. Instead, he went up to the mic and said, “These days people don’t even realize that it’s indecent to take a selfie without asking prior permission. With flashlights in the front and back side of the mobile phones, selfies will affect an individual who has migraine issues.”

Kasthuri acknowledged his words and admitted to the fact that no matter what fans must request for permission before clicking pictures and not invade one’s privacy. However, none seemed to have taken it well – the way the anchor spoke.

It was a few days back when Karthi’s father and veteran actor Sivakumar slapped down the phone of yet another fan who tried to click a picture with the actor without his permission. This was the second time Sivakumar was in news for the very same reason!

He might have uttered these words in anger but we must agree with him – phones are a threat to humans and the environment.

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