Actress Arthana Binu Alleges Her Father And Actor Vijayakumar Of Trespassing And Making Threats; Shares Startling Revelations!

Hope She Gets The Help That’s Needed!

Arthana Binu, a south Indian actress who has acted in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu industries is from Trivandrum, Kerala. She recently revealed her father, also an actor Vijaykumar, has been creating chaos in her house despite being divorced from her mother a long time ago. She shared a video of Vijaykumar barging into their house and explaining the situation in the caption. 

She explained, he has been creating chaos and threatening her family for a very long time and they have also filed police complaints multiple times and police didn’t take any action. She also mentioned, her father and mother got divorced a long time ago since then her younger sister, mother, grandmother and her are living together at their maternal grandmother’s place. 


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She mentioned a long note saying, “ I am putting up this post as even though we called the police station for help at around 9:45 am no one has taken any action till now. The person in the video is my biological father Vijayakumar who is also a Malayalam Film Actor. This video shows him going back after successfully trespassing our residence by jumping over the wall to make his was to the property that too inspite of the existence of a protection order issued way back around ten years in favour of me, my mom and my sister. My parents are legally divorced and me my mom and my sister are living in our maternal house along with my maternal grandmother who is 85+. He has been trespassing for years and there are multiple police cases which we have filed against him.” 

“Today, he barged into our compound and since the door was locked he was threatening us through the open window. I spoke to him when heard threatening my sister and grandmother to kill them. He also threatened me to stop acting in movies and that he would go to any extent, if I don’t obey. He also said that if I wish to act I should act in the movies which he say. He kept on banging on the window and yelling. He accused my grandmother of selling me off for living. He also bad mouthed the team of my Malayalam movie for which I have just completed shooting. All this is happening when there is an ongoing case in the court which me and my mom have filed against him against trespassing, intruding and creating problems in my workplace, also creating chaos at my mom’s workplace and sister’s educational institution. I am acting in movies only to my will. Acting has always been my passion and I will continue to act as long as my health permits me to. Whenever I act in a Malayalam movie he filed case to stop me from acting. Even when I acted in Shylock, he filed a legal case ,and to prevent the movie from being shelved I had to sign an an official legal document stating that I acted in the movie at my own will. There is more to write but the word limit permitted for the caption doesn’t allow me to. There is also an ongoing case against him which we filed to retrieve the money and gold he owes my mom.”

Her fans and insta followers seem concerned over the situation. One commented, “The police haven’t reached there yet?” (translated), the actress replied “no”. Few have commented, More power to you arthana 🙌🏽 Inspired by your writing, and hoping he stops disturbing your lives 🙏”.

Arthana was known for her role in kadaikutty singam as Aandal Priyadharshini, one of Karthi’s cousins. 

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