A Girl With Acne: Sai Pallavi Talks About Why She Never Let Her Acne Bother Her!

Her confidence has brought her long way!

Sai Pallavi and Suriya starrer ‘Nanda Gopalan Kumaran’ is touted to release on the 31st of May and is easily one of the most abticipated films this year. Sai Pallavi has garnered innumerable fans through the few films she has acted in but she hasn’t quite had a commercial box-office success in Kollywood as yet. But, looks like it she is not far away from that considering how much love the trailer of ‘NGK ‘ has received.

But, what Sai Pallavi is today is not all about the talent but the confidence with which she brings her talent forth. She was initially the girl whose acne was under scrutiny. But did she let that bother? Nope. In a recent interview with The Hindu she stated how people have accepted her what she is in real. Sai Pallavi has never preferred to wear makeup for her roles in the films.

She said, “When people accepted me for who I was, a girl with acne (rosacea), I learnt that confidence was the real beauty.” Sai Pallavi also shared how she didn’t expect Premam to be a huge hit and only did this film for a reason. The actress revealed, “All my friends are Tamil, and they wouldn’t have watched [Premam] even if I forced them to. So, if the film didn’t do well, nobody would have known.”


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