8 Years of Premam : Celebrating The Women Of Premam !

Girl Power!

Alphonse Puthren’s Premam was a film that was loved for its story, its performances, its music and the romance. Nivin Pauly is at the centre of the film as George and the film takes you through his three love stories. From a school crush to falling in love with a professor, the movie created magic with its simple yet impactful stories. Even though it’s through the lens of George, director Alphonse’s women characters have arcs that are beautifully executed. The female characters in the movie have been written very well. The movie attained cult status, and the credit goes to the three different women who are a part of the movie as much as George.


Mary George – Anupama Parmeshwaran

Mary is George’s first love. She is a schoolgirl who he sees everyday. George is smitten, he is infatuated with Mary and romanticises the situation in a funny way. This story is the simple first love that all of us have felt in our teenage years. Anupama made her debut with this film and was instantly loved for her role. Her big curly hair and girl-next door charm worked on everyone and not just George. The small town feels, the slow romantic tracks and the effect that she has on the lead are things we greatly loved about this tale.


Malar- Sai Pallavi

Sai Pallavi played Malar, who is a professor in George’s college. She plays a Tamil girl who is confident and independent. She thwarts the efforts of a colleague trying to propose to her. George is the quintessential college boy, he’s brash, loud and a typical rowdy. But George’s life is significantly impacted by her. This story forms the main plot for the film. There is passion but there is also heartbreak. Sai Pallavi too made her debut with this one. She was a sensation after this movie. She was appreciated for going bare-faced, with no makeup and acne, simple cotton sarees and curly hair. We resonated with her, we loved how close she was to reality.


Celine- Madonna Sebastian

The third and final love story is of Celine and George. This part of his life is about stability and emotional maturity. This relationship brings that into perspective for him. Celine is young, pretty and sorted, she isn’t afraid to call the shots. She demands respect and is clear headed. She is shown to be the modern woman of today who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. George’s character is hurt and flawed, but the women round the rough edges of his personality.

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