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8 Things That Will Make College Students Say: “That’s Me!”

Procrastinate away!

College is where you’re supposed to learn how to manage time, meet deadlines, and all that adult stuff in preparation for the real world. But somehow, all we’ve done is master the art of procrastination. Taxing assignment? Important presentation? Here’s a list of things you can avoid and buy yourself a few more hours of peace.

1) Instagram

From memes to fashion to food, Instagram is a one-stop solution that will keep you entertained for hours together. Scrolling through your classmates’ stories, and deciding between the Lo-Fi filter and Juno filter may seem like they’d hardly take up any of your time but before you know it, your 10-minute study break has turned into a solid 2-hour virtual vacation.

2) Netflix

“Just one episode”. That’s probably what you’ll tell yourself when you decide to take a break from work but let’s face it, it’s never just one episode. You log in to catch a 20-minute episode to unwind, that one episode extends to two and suddenly, you find yourself microwaving some popcorn and binge-watching the entire season. Be it a TV show episode, movie, or stand-up special, it’s almost impossible to stop at just one.

3) Buzzfeed

Like Instagram, BuzzFeed has a little something for everyone. You can spend hours on their quizzes alone. Apparently, there’s something about a pressing deadline that makes you want to find out what flavour ice cream you are. They’ve also got a Tasty section which is a real feast for the eyes and could end up becoming an actual feast if you take the procrastination a step further and proceed to make the dish.

4) Pinterest

Pinterest is essentially your personal, online bulletin board. Food, makeup, cars, tattoos, animals- you can pin pictures of anything you like on your board. Creating these mood boards are not only fun but also make you feel like you’ve been productive. So what if you squandered two hours that could’ve been spent on that impending assignment? At least you have your whole wedding planned out.

5) Napping

This is a classic. Stress and exhaustion are an intrinsic part of the college experience and you won’t find a single college student who will pass up the opportunity to take a nap. The best part is- your parents can’t use their trademark “You’re wasting all your time on the internet” retort for this one.

6) Online shopping

Books, clothes, shoes, decor- you can browse through all your favourite brands sitting in the comfort of your own home. The possibilities are endless. And you don’t even have to buy anything, adding to cart is a fulfilling hobby in itself.

7) Revamping

Nothing motivates you to clean your room and redecorate like a college assignment. All those untidy nooks and neglected corners catch your attention only when you have a deadline. Playing interior designer can go on for hours and you might just get some clutter out of the way.

8) Working out

This is one of the healthier ways to procrastinate. Not only does it clear your head, it also rejuvenates your body and makes you more productive. Working out could include anything- from going for a swim to power yoga. The added bonus is zero guilt; time spent working out is time well spent.

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