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7 Times The Bigg Boss Contestants Were Absolutely Narrow-Minded!

It’s a proper reflection of the society!

Don’t we already have enough to deal with when it comes to societal “rules”? Irrespective of gender, one is fighting discrimination every day from those old norms that have tied the hands of our country and are preventing Her from developing. Norms and regulations in the name of “culture” have left a lot of individuals the way they are today. Hence, it is important to spread either nothing or just some feel-good messages even if it comes under the entertainment category.

Bigg Boss is one of those reality shows that is apparently meant to teach “way of life and living”. With such a positive note as the base for the show, a lot could have been taught, lessons learnt and also some good entertainment shown. But no, bizarre tasks like making fun of mental illness is what this show has been all about.

It is not completely bad or it does not always give out a wrong notion (read Oviya). Yes, it is just a game but no, there have been incidents where the audience has taken it way too seriously. For example, Sakthi’s car was attacked by the so-called “Oviya army” as he made an appearance in public. It is quite sensitive, be it with the audience or be it with the contestants in the House.

There have been a lot of times where contestants have been narrow-minded, sexists, misogynists and haven’t frowned away from demeaning an individual. Here are 7 times these contestants set a bad example to the world:

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