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7 Things To Keep In Mind While Partying!

1gm of alcohol adds up to 7kg calories!

We all know alcohol is injurious to health, but most do it anyway. Alcohol has a crazy amount of calories. Here is a simple calculation. 1 gm of Protein and carbohydrates burn and give out 4 kgs of calories. 1 gm of fat has 9 kg of calories. But when it comes to alcohol 1gm has 7kg calories. When you consume alcohol all the food you take along with it is converted to fat. It prevents the fat breakdown in a body, even if it is drinking only once a week.
Anyone who is on a weight-loss plan please avoid alcohol. But if you are someone who wants to consume it occasionally, here are few tips on how to keep the calorie count low while partying.

1) Reduce the quantity: Decrease the glass size. Say have four small instead of two large, so your mind thinks you are drinking 4 glasses and not two.
2) Do not mix it with a cold drink or tonic water. Have it neat with just ice cubes or mix it with water. This is one way to reduce your calorie count.
3) Snacks you need to avoid while drinking: Groundnuts (Shocking right?), anything too salty, or has too many sauces, fried items, cheese cubes.
4) Instead go for sprouts, chickpea, salads (raw veggies), steamed food like dimsum, momos or even steamed chicken. Grilled chicken is also an option.
5) Fish is any day better choice than chicken. Steamed fish.
6) You can also go for eggs.
7) Do not drink in empty stomach; it will corrode your gastric lining. Over a period of time, it would lead to a lot of health complications. Have idli, dosa, a sandwich. or a bowl of fruits before your first drink.
8) Your blood sugar level will drop down immediately, and you start feeling very hungry. Then you start getting very hungry and order a little too much than you need.

Alcohol is directly linked to your health, it affects your liver, BP can cause cancer, diabetics, cholesterol, etc. Avoiding it is a part of living a healthier and happier life!

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